Deactivate account facebook permanently

Deactivate Account Facebook Permanently: Facebook is one of one of the most prominent social networking websites. A lot of us have a Facebook account and utilizing it daily.

Lately, among my friends told me that he deactivated his Facebook account.

I asked him, "why?".

He responded "Facebook addiction"

Facebook is truly enjoyable and also aiding us to get in touch with friends. At the same time, it has some drawbacks like the Facebook addiction.

There are numerous means to get eliminate this Facebook addiction and one such technique is Deactivate Account Facebook Permanently. Let's begin.

deactivate facebook account

Deactivate Account Facebook Permanently

Removing Facebook account as well as shutting off Facebook account is a various thing.

Deleting FB account is permanent and also you cannot access your account any longer.

Deactivating Facebook account hides your account from other Facebook customers and also you could access it at any moment by reactivating it.

What will Take place to Your Facebook Account After Shutting off?

1. No person could find you via FB search.

2. Your articles on your friends wall stay, however your name becomes a non-clickable text (your name do not have connect to your FB account).

3. You are taken off from the area web pages and the photos identified to you will become detagged.

If you are OK with the above, allow's continue to the actions to do the job.


1. Log into your Facebook account.
2. Click on "inverted triangular" at the top.
3. Select Setups.
4. In the food selection left wing, click Security.
5. Locate and click "modify" link close to "Deactivate your account".
6. Click on "Deactivate your account" link.
7. Facebook must prompt you to select the reason for shutting off Facebook.
8. You could choose a factor you prefer (In this instance, I choose Various other).
9. The alerts as well as email invitations from your Facebook pals will involve your inbox if you really did not select the choice "Pull out of receiving future emails from Facebook". If you do not want FB good friends emails, pick this choice.

deactivate facebook account

10. Press "Deactivate" button. Click "Deactivate Now" button in the confirmation message.

That's it. Your FB account is deactivated.

deactivate facebook account

In case, if you want to reactivate, just log right into your FB account and your account will certainly be reactivated.

Deactivate Facebook on Facebook App

1. Open up Facebook application.
2. Go to account setups in the app.
3. Click the protection choice.
4. Tap the deactivate choice at the bottom.

deactivate facebook account

5. Pick the deactivate reason and also email opt out.
6. Click "Deactivate" switch.

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