Facebook account deactivated

Facebook Account Deactivated: Facebook is just one of one of the most popular social networking sites. Most of us have a Facebook account and also using it each day.

Lately, one of my friends told me that he deactivated his Facebook account.

I asked him, "why?".

He replied "Facebook dependency"

Facebook is truly fun as well as assisting us to get in touch with good friends. At the same time, it has some negative aspects like the Facebook dependency.

There are numerous methods to obtain eliminate this Facebook addiction and also one such approach is Facebook Account Deactivated. Let's get going.

deactivate facebook account

Facebook Account Deactivated

Erasing Facebook account as well as deactivating Facebook account is a different point.

Deleting FB account is permanent as well as you can not access your account anymore.

Shutting down Facebook account conceals your account from various other Facebook users and also you could access it at any time by reactivating it.

Just what will Occur to Your Facebook Account After Shutting off?

1. No person can discover you using FB search.

2. Your articles on your good friends wall remain, but your name ends up being a non-clickable text (your name don't have connect to your FB account).

3. You are removed from the community pages as well as the photos tagged to you will come to be detagged.

If you are OK with the above, let's continue to the steps to do the job.


1. Log into your Facebook account.
2. Click on "inverted triangle" on top.
3. Select Setups.
4. In the food selection left wing, click Security.
5. Discover and click "modify" link close to "Deactivate your account".
6. Click on "Deactivate your account" web link.
7. Facebook should prompt you to choose the factor for shutting down Facebook.
8. You could pick a factor you choose (In this instance, I choose Other).
9. The notices and email invitations from your Facebook pals will certainly come to your inbox if you didn't select the option "Pull out of obtaining future emails from Facebook". If you do not desire FB buddies e-mails, pick this option.

deactivate facebook account

10. Press "Deactivate" button. Click "Deactivate Now" button in the confirmation message.

That's it. Your FB account is deactivated.

deactivate facebook account

In case, if you want to reactivate, simply log into your FB account and your account will be reactivated.

Deactivate Facebook on Facebook App

1. Open up Facebook app.
2. Go to account setups in the app.
3. Click on the protection option.
4. Tap the deactivate alternative near the bottom.

deactivate facebook account

5. Select the deactivate reason and also e-mail opt out.
6. Click on "Deactivate" switch.

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