Facebook Search History Delete From Computer

Facebook Search History Delete From Computer: Keep in mind that time you did a Facebook search of your partner's ex-spouse? And also before that, when you had a big crush on your darling, you 'd check his or her account web page somewhat frequently. Oh, and also remember that various other time when you had way too much wine and sought out The One That Fled? Facebook does.

Whenever you search for something on Facebook, your search terms get kept in your Task Log. Right here's just how to the best ways to delete facebook search history or view it.

The Activity Log is just readable by you, however if you intend to get rid of any of your old searches for whatever reason-- or perhaps if you just wish to watch them (to discover something you forgot)-- it's actually easy to find!

Facebook Search History Delete From Computer

How to remove facebook search history:

1. Most likely to your profile:

2. Click the "Task log" alternative near the bottom right of your cover image.

3. Your task log is a checklist of your posts and all Facebook activity, including your search history.

4. Next, click the "Even more" choice on the left-hand menu, under "Photos"," Likes" and also "Comments.".

5. Scroll down the broadened list up until you see "Search.".

6. You can now view your Facebook search background, in day order. To obtain eliminate it, simply click "Clear Searches.".

7. Your Facebook search history is currently a clean slate!