Can You Change the Name Of A Facebook Group

When you have a group on Facebook, you could wish to change some things every once in a while. If you are the creator of the group, you have the ability to modify every little thing in the group. If you believe the name should alter, only you can do it. Can You Change The Name Of A Facebook Group is a fast as well as simple process which doesn't take up much time.

Can You Change The Name Of A Facebook Group

1) Click the name of your group, under the going 'groups.' You can find this heading on the left sidebar of the major Facebook web page.

2) Once you have actually been rerouted to this group, you will see a switch in the top right edge that looks like an ellipsis (3 dots in a row). Click it and you will certainly see a fall listing of options show up. In the middle is an option called 'modify team setups.' That's where you have to click.

3) When you're on the new settings page, you will see that the name will turn up in a message box on top. The name must be to the right of the words 'team name' which are shaded in grey.

4) Click on package to place an arrow in there as well as to erase the old name. After that, you have to key in the new name that you want.

5) Once you have actually decided on a name, scroll to the bottom of the web page as well as click on heaven 'save' switch.

The name of your group will instantly change. It might take a few minutes, but it's normally really fast. You can view your team's name in the bottom left corner of its cover picture. When you change the name, that activity turns up as a post on your team's timeline for all members to see.

This is your web page so you could modify it exactly to your liking.