Change My Facebook Name

Change My Facebook Name ~ Many individuals believe that when you create your Facebook account, your name is established in rock. That, nonetheless, isn't the situation. The social networking site allows you change your name, albeit on a limited basis. For example, you could alter your name if you obtain married or modify your name if you meant it incorrect when initially creating your account.

Change My Facebook Name

1. Visit to Facebook as well as click the gear-shaped button.

2. Click "Account Settings" to open a brand-new page.

3. Click "Edit" beside your name.

4. Modify your name in the "First" as well as "Last" areas.

5. Kind your Facebook password into the "Password" area.

6. Click "Save Adjustments."


Facebook prevents you from transforming your name regularly and restricts the number of times you could edit it.

Facebook calls for that you utilize your real name.

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