How Can I Delete All My Facebook Posts

The complying with process defines How Can I Delete All My Facebook Posts.


-July 2017: Some users were obtaining a "minified" variation of the script, which would not work correctly-- this need to now be fixed. When installing the manuscript in action 3 you should see specifically the same prompt as revealed. Checked and also validated dealing with Mac OS and Windows 10.

-June 2017: Facebook transforms broke the initial tool. Manuscript has been rejuvenated to function once again.

Please note:

-I will certainly not be held responsible for any kind of data loss caused by these directions (deleting messages etc). Usage at YOUR OWN risk.

-The manuscript ought to not unfriend any of your close friends, or delete any of your uploaded images or video clips - however Facebook regularly modifications which could alter exactly what this tool does.

-There may be some messages left over due to Facebooks' 'Older articles' function hiding these articles. To be particular that blog posts have actually been removed I suggest that after the device has actually completed you duplicate action 4 make sure the timeline is entirely gotten rid of.

-It's additionally worth keeping in mind that the Facebook information is stored on several web servers. So it could take several days, or weeks for the details to be totally gotten rid of. So a few of your buddies could see messages that you have deleted till all web servers know that you have actually selected for it to be removed.


To finish this process, you will have to utilize

1. the Firefox browser
2. the Greasemonkey addon
3. and the Timeline Cleanser for Facebook script (instructions below).

How Can I Delete All My Facebook Posts

Step 1: Set Up Firefox

If you do not already have the Firefox web browser mounted, you can mount it right here:.

Action 2: Install the Greasemonkey addon

With Firefox open, go to:.

Click on the 'Contribute to Firefox' and also follow the motivates to mount Greasemonkey.

Step 3: Mount the Facebook Timeline Cleaner manuscript

With Firefox open, click 'Install this script' listed below and comply with the prompts to set up the manuscript.

Install this script

Step 4: Open your Facebook Activity Log and start the remove procedure

- With Firefox open, open your Facebook profile (click your name on top right of the web page) then click on the 'View Activity Log' switch.

- You need to see the following on top of the page, if you do not push F5 on your keyboard to freshen the page.

- Leave 'Auto-scroll' made it possible for.

- tick 'Run'.

- as well as choose the a day range that you wish to delete (optional-- depending on the following step).

- Currently making use of the 'Personal privacy Extension' switch on the right, pick just what you desire to do-- for example, 'Erase everything older compared to X Days'.

- Click 'OK' to the warning message.

- The procedure will now begin. It will immediately scroll with your Activity Log and also either hide or erase your posts are you defined.

- If it could not erase an article, for instance where you were marked, it will hide it from your timeline.

- The manuscript ought to not unfriend any one of your buddies, or remove any one of your uploaded photos or video clips-- nonetheless it was written and also is preserved by a 3rd party (Oily Fork)-- so I can not guarantee what it exactly does.

- You will observe your browser and also computer system are slow whilst the procedure happens-- this is due to the fact that it's a very intensive procedure to pack all the blog posts and erase them. You will have to be individual and also wait-- relying on how several articles you have, it might take hrs to complete-- which will still be faster than manually deleting.

- I suggest you leave the computer system alone whilst it runs, do not browse away from the Activity Log or open other browser tabs.