Delete All Posts On Facebook

The complying with process describes Delete All Posts On Facebook.


-July 2017: Some individuals were getting a "minified" version of the script, which would not function appropriately-- this should now be solved. When mounting the script symphonious 3 you should see exactly the very same timely as shown. Checked and also validated dealing with Mac OS as well as Windows 10.

-June 2017: Facebook alters damaged the initial device. Script has been refreshed to work again.

Please note:

-I will certainly not be held responsible for any information loss triggered by these directions (deleting posts etc). Use at YOUR VERY OWN risk.

-The script needs to not unfriend any one of your good friends, or erase any one of your uploaded images or video clips - however Facebook consistently changes which could change what this tool does.

-There could be some blog posts left over because of Facebooks' 'Older blog posts' attribute concealing these articles. To be particular that blog posts have actually been eliminated I suggest that after the tool has actually finished you repeat step 4 ensure the timeline is entirely gotten rid of.

-It's likewise worth keeping in mind that the Facebook data is saved on multiple servers. So it could take numerous days, or weeks for the details to be entirely removed. So some of your pals might see messages that you have deleted until all web servers understand that you have actually picked for it to be removed.


To finish this process, you will should use

1. the Firefox browser
2. the Greasemonkey addon
3. and the Timeline Cleaner for Facebook script (guidelines listed below).

Delete All Posts On Facebook

Action 1: Install Firefox

If you don't already have the Firefox internet browser mounted, you can install it right here:.

Step 2: Set up the Greasemonkey addon

With Firefox open, go to:.

Click the 'Include to Firefox' and adhere to the triggers to set up Greasemonkey.

Step 3: Mount the Facebook Timeline Cleanser manuscript

With Firefox open, click 'Mount this script' below and follow the prompts to mount the script.

Install this script

Step 4: Open your Facebook Task Log as well as start the delete procedure

- With Firefox open, open your Facebook account (click on your name at the top right of the web page) after that click the 'View Task Log' button.

- You should see the complying with on top of the web page, if you do not press F5 on your keyboard to freshen the web page.

- Leave 'Auto-scroll' enabled.

- tick 'Run'.

- and pick the a day variety that you want to remove (optional-- depending on the following action).

- Now using the 'Privacy Expansion' button on the right, pick just what you desire to do-- for instance, 'Erase every little thing older than X Days'.

- Click 'OK' to the caution message.

- The procedure will currently start. It will immediately scroll via your Task Log as well as either conceal or delete your messages are you defined.

- If it can not delete a message, for instance where you were labelled, it will hide it from your timeline.

- The script needs to not unfriend any one of your close friends, or delete any one of your uploaded pictures or videos-- however it was written as well as is maintained by a 3rd party (Greasy Fork)-- so I can not guarantee just what it exactly does.

- You will notice your browser and also computer are slow-moving whilst the procedure happens-- this is because it's a very intensive process to fill all the messages as well as delete them. You will should hold your horses and wait-- relying on how many messages you have, it could take hours to complete-- which will still be faster than manually deleting.

- I suggest you leave the computer alone whilst it runs, do not navigate away from the Activity Log or open other web browser tabs.