How to Clear Facebook Notifications

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You can set up Facebook to send you notices for virtually every interaction you carry the system, yet if you have allowed several notices, you could rapidly end up being inundated with messages from the website. Nonetheless, you could handle your Alerts list from your main profile page. To remove a notice from your Alerts checklist, you have to "unfollow" the alert. When you unfollow a specific alert, you no longer get messages when the notice's requirements are fulfilled.

How To Clear Facebook Notifications

1. Log in to your Facebook profile, and after that click the globe-shaped icon in the top food selection to open the Notifications panel. A checklist of your currently set up alerts display screens; click "See All" to watch all notifications.

2. Float the cursor inside the entrance for the notification to delete to display an "X" in the upper right edge, and after that click the "X" to see a pop-up dialog box.

3. Click "Unfollow" in the pop-up to remove the alert from your Notices list.

There is no means to delete notice messages you have already checked out. Facebook saves all of your alert messages, but lists the most recent messages at the top of the listing.

Some vital Facebook notices can not be eliminated. If you do not see the "X" when you float over the Notification entrance, the notice could not be erased.

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