How to Uninstall Facebook Messenger

How To Uninstall Facebook Messenger - Since Facebook decided to require people to use Facebook Carrier to send and obtain messages through Facebook, numerous individuals are not pleased. If you have actually determined to install it as well as visit, you probably discovered that there's no method to log out.

Facebook Carrier might be the easiest way to stay in contact with your friends on Facebook, but you may not want it energetic all the time. Sadly, there is no log out switch or alternative on the interface like there gets on Facebook. However, there is a method to log out of the application when you're not using it.

How To Uninstall Facebook Messenger

To begin, you should remove Carrier from the current apps listing if you have actually run it lately. Touch the "Current Applications" switch on your Android gadget, as revealed described in red in the photo listed below.

Hold your finger down on the Carrier app thumbnail till a popup menu display screens. Touch "Eliminate from listing" on the popup menu.

Touch the Home button to go back to the Residence screen. Swipe below the leading bar as well as touch "Settings" on the drop-down menu.

In the "Gadget" area of the "Setups" screen, touch "Apps.".

Scroll down in the "Downloaded" listing on the "Apps" display till you see "Carrier" and touch it.

On the "Application information" screen, touch the "Clear information" switch.

The "Erase app data?" dialog box display screens. Touch "ALRIGHT" to erase the data for Carrier as well as basically "log out" of the application.

The "Clear data" switch becomes grayed out and the quantity of "Data" decreases to 0.00 B. Touch the "Residence" button on your device to go back to the "House" display.

The following time you start Carrier, you'll see the "Thanks for visiting Messenger" screen with your name noted, yet you will not be instantly logged in. Since Carrier is completely integrated with the Facebook app, your Facebook account name displays on the Carrier welcome display, permitting you to just touch Remain to visit, without needing to enter your credentials whenever.

If a good friend wishes to use your gadget to check their Facebook messages, they just need to touch "Switch Account" at the end of the display. Nonetheless, be mindful they if you're logged into Facebook, any person can touch the Continue button if they obtain your phone as well as log right into your Facebook account in Messenger.

If you don't want your Facebook account name presented on the Carrier welcome display so it's very easy for anybody to visit to your Facebook account in Messenger if they obtain a hold of your device, you have to log out of the Facebook application also. After that, when you open Carrier, you will be asked to sign in to your Facebook account.