Uninstall Facebook Messenger

Uninstall Facebook Messenger - Ever given that Facebook made a decision to force people to make use of Facebook Carrier to send and also receive messages with Facebook, many individuals are not satisfied. If you have actually determined to install it and also log in, you possibly discovered that there's no means to log out.

Facebook Messenger may be the easiest method to remain in call with your close friends on Facebook, however you might not want it active regularly. Regrettably, there is no log out button or option on the user interface like there is on Facebook. Nonetheless, there is a means to log out of the app when you're not utilizing it.

Uninstall Facebook Messenger

To begin, you have to eliminate Carrier from the recent applications list if you have actually run it just recently. Touch the "Recent Applications" switch on your Android gadget, as revealed outlined in red in the photo below.

Hold your finger down on the Messenger app thumbnail till a popup food selection display screens. Touch "Get rid of from checklist" on the popup food selection.

Touch the House button to go back to the Residence display. Swipe down from the leading bar and also touch "Settings" on the drop-down food selection.

In the "Tool" section of the "Settings" screen, touch "Application.".

Scroll down in the "Downloaded" list on the "Apps" screen till you see "Carrier" and touch it.

On the "App information" screen, touch the "Clear data" switch.

The "Erase application information?" dialog box screens. Touch "OK" to delete the data for Messenger as well as essentially "log out" of the application.

The "Clear data" button becomes grayed out as well as the amount of "Information" decreases to 0.00 B. Touch the "Residence" switch on your tool to go back to the "House" screen.

The next time you start Carrier, you'll see the "Thanks for visiting Carrier" display with your name listed, but you won't be automatically visited. Due to the fact that Messenger is totally incorporated with the Facebook application, your Facebook profile name presents on the Carrier welcome screen, permitting you to simply touch Remain to log in, without having to enter your qualifications whenever.

If a buddy wishes to use your tool to check their Facebook messages, they just need to touch "Change Account" below the display. However, know they if you're logged right into Facebook, any individual can touch the Continue button if they obtain your phone as well as log into your Facebook account in Messenger.

If you don't want your Facebook account name showed on the Carrier welcome display so it's simple for anybody to log in to your Facebook account in Messenger if they find your device, you have to log out of the Facebook application too. Then, when you open Messenger, you will be asked to check in to your Facebook account.