How to View Profile Picture On Instagram

How to View Profile Picture On Instagram: You stumble upon a person's profile image on Instagram and also it captures your interest. Sadly for you, they have not shared the picture on their page either, so just how will you watch it since the profile pictures are typically extremely small either on the phone or on the laptop? Fortunately, there are methods you can kill your interest and see Instagram profile photos in simply a couple of straight-forward actions. Below are some methods to do that.

How to View Profile Picture On Instagram

1. On your phone

This is a very easy way to check out an Instagram profile photo. You start by screen record the profile picture after that opening the image application and focusing. Yet do take into consideration that after focusing, the image will certainly be blurred.

2. Zoom in on an iPhone

iPhones come with a function that permits you to Zoom in on your apple iphone, so simply go to settings, after that click general and also go to access. You then toggle the zoom activate, which will enable you to check out the picture on your phone, as it virtually functions like a magnifier. However, if you maintain the magnifier on as well as display shot, the magnified impact won't be showed in the picture.

This apple iphone function permits you to move it by pushing a button-like form on the screen or use it to the whole display. See to it you check out the notes below just in case you can not change back.

After you turn on this feature, you could open your Instagram, click onto the home page of the person and check his or her profile picture in detail and it won't look fuzzy in all.

3. Open it in a new tab

This approach is sort of scary but hey it works well on ways to watch Instagram profile picture! If you intend to see a profile image on Instagram: you have to go to, as an example, this web link: , then right click the picture and also click open photo in a new tab.

This little variation of the picture will have the url such as this:

You will certainly need to eliminate/ s150x150/ to obtain the larger version of the photo so the link will then look like:

If you try this approach for some individuals's profile pictures, there may be no/ s150x150/, then you could only download the tiny profile images of them.

4. Via the resource page

An additional method you can view an Instagram profile photo is by mosting likely to the website of the individual whos picture you desire, click anywhere on the page, as well as see the listing. You then choose 'view webpage source code' after that make use of Ctrl+ F and also kind 'jpg' in the browsing space. The web link of the first.jpg is the profile pic you desire. You after that duplicate the web link and open it in a new tab. You could either eliminate/ s150x150/ as the last approach, or directly download it.