How to Make Profile Photos Private On Facebook

In this tutorial, we will certainly instruct you How To Make Profile Photos Private On Facebook. Follow the following steps:-.

If you desire your Facebook profile picture concealed and unclickable, adhere to these steps.

How To Make Profile Photos Private On Facebook

1. Login to your Facebook account as well as click on your profile picture.

2. Under your name and also date on which you uploaded it, you will see a small arrowhead pointing downwards. Click on it. When the sub-menu appears, click "More Options". From these options, click on the "Only Me" choice. Your account picture will be concealed.

For iPhone/iPad and Android customers:-.

1. Faucet on the down arrowhead located at the top right edge of your account picture. When the sub-menu appears, faucet on "Edit Privacy".

2. Faucet on "Public", erase it and also type "Only Me". Tap on "Only Me" when you get it as an option.

3. Faucet on "Done" and also your account photo will certainly be concealed.

And that's it! So simple! You have successfully found out ways to make your Facebook profile photo personal on PC, iPhone/iPad and also Android phone.