Thumbs Up Icon Facebook

Thumbs Up Icon Facebook: Smileys on social media sites are a wonderful way of sharing a state of mind or feeling. You can show approval or exhilaration on Facebook with the thumbs-up smiley by entering (Y) on your keyboard.

Thumbs Up Icon Facebook

Step 1: Place your arrow

To produce the thumbs-up sign on Facebook, click the location where you desire the sign.

Action 2: Go into the faster way on your key-board

Kind the complying with in your key-board: open parenthesis, the letter "Y" in caps, and after that closed parenthesis. The end result should resemble this: (Y).

Step 3: Click Enter

When you have entered the shortcut, hit Enter on your key-board. Your (Y) should be replaced by the blue thumbs-up smiley.