Facebook Profile Pixel Size

Facebook Profile Pixel Size: So whether you're using Facebook pages for social networks marketing or simply attempting to post pictures for loved ones, here's my newly updated 2018 variation of the informal guide for the sizes of Facebook photos on the numerous parts of the website.

I try to keep this as current as feasible, yet Facebook has a horrible practice of making unannounced adjustments and then rolling them out progressively to individuals so that not everyone gets them at once. If you have actually seen something that's transformed, please let me know in the remarks so I can explore as well as update as necessary.

Facebook Profile Pixel Size

Facebook profile Photo Dimension

The profile Photo is the smaller sized, square near the bottom that's to the left of the cover picture. It made use of to overlay the cover photo's bottom left edge, however in the most up to date design, it has been relocated to its very own spot in the top left of the web page.

Your Web page's profile picture:

Displays at 170x170 pixels on your Web page on computers, 128x128 pixels on smartphones and also 36x36 pixels on the majority of function phones

For profile images and also cover images with your logo design or text, you could get a better outcome by using a PNG file.

Remember that your Web page's profile photo will be chopped to a round shape in ads and also blog posts, yet will continue to be the same square shape when individuals see your Page.

Profile Picture on the Timeline

The profile photo that shows up alongside your name on comments as well as messages is the same photo yet is automatically scaled down to 40px by 40px.