How to See Facebook Videos On Phone

How To See Facebook Videos On Phone: Facebook allows you to publish as well as share videos, similar to pictures. Posting videos rather than simply images could aid divide your service from as well as share more details than those who upload just photos. While Facebook enables you to share a video when you post it, finding your videos later on gives you the alternatives of re-sharing, taste or modifying them in different methods. Your videos don't have a special location, as they're organized with your photos. Whether you have a Facebook page or an individual profile, you'll locate the videos in the same location.

How To See Facebook Videos On Phone

1. login to your Facebook account on your mobile web browser (type on search tab of your mobile browser).

2. You will be immediately redirected to

3. Please most likely to your account.

2. Scroll down and also click the "Photos" link under your cover picture near the top of your timeline page. Click "videos" in the leading left corner, next to the Your Albums going. The Your videos section includes videos you've published to Facebook.

2. Click a video to open it in a seeing window and enjoy it. This new home windows additionally reveals the video's likes as well as comments. Mouse over the reduced right corner of the video area to see the Options, Share and also Like buttons.

3. Click the little "X" in the video home window's upper best corner to close the video when you're completed.

Suggestion: Click "Options" in the video home window to modify, install or remove the video from Facebook.