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They say you can not evaluate a (Face) book by its cover (photo).

While that view may apply for literature, it likely will not for your Facebook organisation page. That's right; possible clients are judging your brand name based upon the picture you contend the top of your account.

Why would not they? Your cover image sits right at the top of the web page, is considerably larger than your account, and also, did we discuss, it's at the top of your web page?

You get it.

Your Facebook cover photo, usually referred to as your banner image, is the most eye-catching attribute on your organization's Facebook page. In fact, it covers virtually a quarter of the screen! When performed well, it can represent your brand, attract your visitor, as well as oblige them to explore your site more. For those reasons, it's essential that you produce as well as post your cover photo with these finest practices in mind.

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Make A Facebook Cover

On a desktop, the Facebook cover image shows at 820 pixels large by 312 pixels tall

On mobile, the Facebook cover picture shows at 640 pixels large by 312 pixels tall

The picture size that works bests for both of these forms is 820 pixels wide by 462 pixels tall

The minimum size to upload is 400 pixels high by 150 pixels large

Facebook cover photo size:

Make A Facebook Cover

Recognizing Facebook cover picture size.

What's there to recognize, you ask?

Your Facebook cover picture dimension is more than simply the length and size of your photo. It's the defining factor in whether your target markets will remain to engage with your Facebook web page or head elsewhere.

This is because, depending upon what system your audience views your Facebook profile, they'll see the photo in different ways.

When watched from a desktop computer, your Facebook cover photo displays at 820 pixels vast by 312 pixels tall. When watched from a mobile device, it will show at 630 pixels broad by 312 pixels tall.

Let me stress and anxiety that these are 2 various forms. When seen on a desktop, the image appears much wider-- assume the form of a billboard you would certainly see while driving on the highway. On the other hand, the mobile display of your picture will certainly not reduce so much off the top and base of the picture.

When picking a photo, make certain you choose a picture that will be well-represented on both desktop and mobile. The picture dimension that works well for both forms is 820 pixels vast by 462 pixels high.

If you do not have a photo that fits the specific dimension parameters, do not stress! We have a hack for you. Facebook features a "rearrange" tool that will let you submit a photo taller than the suggested 462 pixels as well as move it up or down, depending on what you would certainly like featured. This can be a valuable tip if you have a picture you're set on that does not fit the size constraints.

Furthermore, it interests note that Facebook currently enables its cover photos to handle a whole immersive experience - Facebook 360 images, which are a sort of breathtaking image option. Nevertheless, only personal accounts - not company pages - can benefit from this.

Facebook cover photo size on Desktop:

Make A Facebook Cover

Facebook cover picture size on mobile:

If you opt to include a cover picture with text on it, this size difference is particularly important to consider. You'll need to place your text on the photo so that it does not get cut off when you change tools.

Make A Facebook Cover

Since you have an understanding of the fundamentals, we can dive into what actually matters-- how to make certain your cover photo aids establish your brand in addition to your competitors.

Ideal methods for Facebook cover photos.

While understanding the right dimension for your Facebook cover photo is important, it's not the end-all-be-all. What truly matters is the content. Does it attract the audience in? Does it encourage a particular activity?

The material is vital. That's why we have actually put together these nine finest methods to keep in mind when you're picking your Facebook cover photo.

1. Evaluate out a Facebook cover video clip.

In a current development, Facebook offered companies the ability to publish a cover video clip in place of a cover image. This is not just an exciting possibility, but a particularly good alternative for brand names and also marketing professionals that may be extra video-inclined.

You can upload a video clip that fits Facebook's dimension specifications by saving the video data at 820 pixels vast by 312 pixels high to your desktop computer. Then, you can publish it in the same way you would certainly add a new cover picture to your web page.

Nonetheless, you do not intend to go bananas. Whether you pick a video clip or an image, remember the best practices listed below. If you do choose a video, you'll intend to select one that is fairly basic. Think about a choice that shares extra regarding your organisation and also aids you tell a longer story, like a culture video including your workers or a film that explains your offering. Facebook will support cover video clips that are between 20-to-90 seconds long.

While you may be inclined to consume that whole time, remember this: the longer a viewer is enjoying your video clip, the much less time they're scrolling through the other messages and web content that fills your page. Remember that our focus periods are short lived. If your cover video is greater than 60 seconds long, someone may not finish viewing it before they carry on to another job.

2. Represent your organisation.

Bear in mind when we said you could not evaluate a (Face) book by its cover (picture)? That's not exactly true when it concerns social networks. I 'd be willing to bet that your cover picture is the first thing grabbing your audience's attention when they reach your web page.

Therefore, you must make sure that the photo you select symbolizes your brand name. Consider it by doing this-- if somebody arrive at your Facebook page as well as does not promptly know what company it stands for, you're doing it wrong.

Think about making use of a team image, your latest promotion, or perhaps a video that takes a deeper dive into your business's special culture, a current item launch, an honor you've won, and also more!

If you're a smaller service with no of the above, you may take into consideration using a cost-free supply photo that connects to your company model. If you do go this direction, think about finding a stock image that doesn't included restrictions on whether you can use any type of edits. Then, add your business name, logo, or motto. The thing regarding cost-free supply pictures is that they're, well, free, which indicates any person can use them. Increase the possibilities that your web page viewers do not see a repeat by personalizing the photo to fit your company.

For aid discovering a stock photo that will certainly represent your brand, look into our checklist of resources right here.

3. Try to remain visual.

Okay-- this is a huge one. It is a cover image, bear in mind?

Facebook utilized to have a guideline that said only 20 percent of your cover photo could be made up of text. This was to maintain individuals from getting extremely marketing on their photos and also make sure that Facebook kept its essential capability as a social media network.

While Facebook has given that removed that rule, we need to inform you to step cautiously. Utilizing some message on your cover picture can be a considerable improvement, however you still don't desire it text heavy. In almost every circumstance, visuals are both extra useful as well as interesting.

If you do decide to make use of some text on your image, don't hit release before you double check the sneak peek on both a mobile device and a desktop. Because the cover picture displays differently on desktop computer and mobile, it's vital to guarantee that your visitors can still read the message clearly, regardless of the approach they utilize to visit your web page.

4. Follow Facebook's cover picture standards.

This nearly do without saying, yet we can not create an overview to Facebook cover pictures without it.

When uploading a picture, make sure that it complies with Facebook's cover photo guidelines. Remember that your cover picture or video clip is public. That's right-- it can be watched by anybody, even if they stumble across your organisation page by accident! The last point you intend to do is have your page obtain reported since you really did not maintain Facebook's standards in mind.

Your Facebook cover picture can not be misleading, deceptive, or infringe on a copyright. If you produce your own photo, you need to be in the clear for that last one. However, if you are opting to utilize a stock photo, checked out the copyrights before you go online.

While you ought to review all of Facebook's guidelines prior to starting your Facebook marketing method, definitely have a look at the cover photo-specific standards right here.

5. Consider mobile individuals.

Did you recognize that greater than 70 percent of Facebook's user base accesses the social network from their mobile phones?

That's right! We can no more neglect mobile customers. If you do, you're missing out on an important opportunity. Keep in mind that on mobile, a much bigger portion of your cover image is shut out. This is since both your profile picture as well as your page name are on top of the cover image, rather than showing up beside it like on a desktop.

When selecting a picture, be sure that it appears appropriately on both mobile as well as desktop variations of your account. Your mobile users will certainly thank you.

6. Facebook cover photo dimension issues.

If you want your cover image to supply intended results, it must remain in line with the size standards we stated earlier. As a tip, that's 820 pixels wide by 312 pixels high on a desktop, and 640 pixels large by 312 pixels high on mobile.

This may feel like a tiny information, but making and also creating an unique picture, only to have it warp or stretch when posted due to the fact that it's not the ideal size, is an enormous waste of time and also resources. When you don't optimize your Facebook cover photo for the special size standards and post it anyhow, it will possibly negatively impact how it looks. If the image you pick to use is as well small, it will certainly stretch to fit, making it blurry. On the other hand, if it's too big, it will crop it to fit. This might work, yet it likewise may indicate your audiences are losing out on an useful piece of the picture (essentially).

When you're designing an one-of-a-kind cover picture, you must maintain the dimensions in the rear of your mind from start-to-finish. This way, you'll end up with a Facebook-specific picture that attracts your target market in normally.

7. Guarantee your cover photo matches your brand name guidelines.

I 'd agree to bet your brand has a details collection of colors, font styles, pictures, as well as general functions that are unique to its design standards. The majority of brand names do! These standards guarantee that the material produced is consistent across the board, no matter which division or professional it may come from.

Your social media sites accounts are an expansion of your brand name. While the accounts may not belong of your organization's website, it's still essential that the web content they include abides by your brand name's guidelines. That indicates your cover image should feature the same font style and color design as the rest of your organization's security.

Not only does this attach your Facebook web page back to your organization, yet it likewise boosts brand recognition and also draws in your current and dedicated consumers.

8. Right-align the objects in your cover picture.

This appears nit-picky, however I promise, it's well worth it!

By ideal aligning the focal point of your cover photo, whether it's a person, text, your item, or a lot more, you're making your Facebook profile a lot more balanced. Since the profile photo gets on the left, a right-aligned cover photo is much easier to eat for viewers.

In addition, by right-aligning your cover image, you can attract added attention to the call-to-action (CTA) switch that rests lower-right to the cover image. When the viewer's eye is naturally attracted that direction, they may be more probable to communicate with the CTA and complete a certain activity.

9. Change your cover photo based on various promos.

Your cover photo is probably the first thing site visitors see when they arrive on your brand's Facebook page. That suggests it offers a superb chance to flaunt your different brand name campaigns or marketing initiatives.

If there's a substantial sale coming up or you're releasing a brand-new variation of your most popular item, think about making an unique image to set as your cover photo. You can likewise transform your cover picture to represent different times of the year (back to school, summer, etc.) or fit in with numerous holidays.

Not only will this make your cover image much more pertinent to viewers, however it will ensure your cover photo remains fresh, as it will certainly alter often. Consider testing our various cover images and also see if they cause a rise in fans or interaction. You can likewise use the button that sits below your cover image to test out numerous CTAs and examine the results.

Facebook cover picture mistakes to avoid.

Obviously, we can't tell you Facebook cover picture best practices if we do not include some tips on what not to do. In this area, we'll highlight some common errors marketing experts make when choosing as well as publishing their Facebook cover pictures. Lucky for you, these are quickly preventable!

Too much message.

Even if Facebook removed the restriction on how much text you can include on your photo does not indicate you need to go nuts. When you have an amazing brand-new promo you're flaunting in your cover picture, it's natural to want to consist of every single detail. Try to refrain from doing so. Excessive text can be sidetracking. Your cover photo is simply that-- a picture. Save the compelling text for where it matters: your Facebook updates and standings.

Not branding your photo.

Your cover picture uses up virtually a quarter of the space on your Facebook account. That suggests when customers involve your firm's page, they must right away be able to identify your brand name based on your banner picture alone.

Refined branding will certainly make a large distinction. Even if your image does not clearly say your brand name's name, utilizing identifiable shades or patterns can be a tiny attribute that goes a long way with brand name fondness.

Not utilizing your logo design carefully.

Branding can make a huge difference. That stated, using your logo design for both your profile photo and your cover image is going way over the top. And also, due to the fact that your account image ought to always be your logo, you'll need to explore various other alternatives when it concerns your banner image.

If you intend to have a small logo design in the edge of your cover image, go for it. Your logo just shouldn't be the only part of your cover image.

Since you have a good understanding of what to do as well as what not to do allow's have a look at some organizations that excel when it comes to picking an appealing Facebook cover image.

Information Privacy.

Keep in mind that if you ever feel as though you or your company's information is being compromised, the best strategy is to alter your Facebook password.

For help on identifying just how to do so, head to our write-up on how to transform your Facebook password in a couple of simple steps.

Facebook cover picture instances.

When it pertains to Facebook cover images, there are some social media advertising professionals that truly simply get it. The adhering to brand names include outstanding Facebook cover images that attract you in and also make you wish to discover more.


As our initial instance, we'll take a look at LinkedIn, a social networking system for experts. There are a few stick out facets of its cover photo. The very first of which is that the image discreetly utilizes its logo design in a manner that streams with the remainder of the image. In addition, the message, "in it to do what I enjoy," interest the audiences' emotions.

Nonetheless, my preferred part of this picture is LinkedIn's creative placement of the main subject: the man in the hat. When you consider him, your eyes naturally follow his legs downward-- ideal to the switch that urges audiences to utilize the LinkedIn application. If that isn't a well-done call-to-action, then I don't understand what is.


The movie streaming service opted to use a cover video clip as its Facebook banner. The flick is a teaser for the most current period of its initial show, "Orange is the New Black," which just recently premiered. It's obvious that the video was made specifically for Netflix's Facebook cover picture, as it includes the characters of the show resting on a bus (that takes place to be the excellent dimension). Not only is this an exceptional example of a cover video clip, but it demonstrates how you can readjust your banner to include a timely campaign or advertising and marketing effort. I've consisted of a screen capture listed below, however to see it live, have a look at Netflix's main Facebook web page below.

Make A Facebook Cover


Target is the best example of a brand name tying in its popular colors and patterns to produce an one-of-a-kind, and completely recognizable, cover picture. If I showed you this photo as well as really did not tell you what brand name it originated from, would certainly you still have the ability to think properly? I bet you would certainly. That is precisely what we want.

Make A Facebook Cover

Your Facebook cover image is an expansion of your brand.

Since you have an understanding of your Facebook cover picture size and also best practices, it's time to take what you've discovered and also placed it into action! Remember that your Facebook cover picture is an extension of your brand. It should be attractive, colorful, as well as represent your company.